Financing Smart Energy Systems via Crowd Investing
Digitalizing Energy Contracting in the Building Sector


The project FinSESCo is an ERANET MICall project uniting single projects in 5 countries (Germany, Austria, Romania, Spain, India). Local funding is provided by the national funding entities and their managing bodies FFG, PTJ etc.. The Project start differentiates between the countries. In Austria and German the project has started on May 1st 2022. The aim is reviving contracting for renovation of buildings and investments in renewable energy converters in/on buildings, and mobilizing money from private investors via crowd investing. The big challenge of the project is deploying artificial intelligenc for compiling renovation projects from asset based Energy Performance Certification (EPC) derived data. Co-financing is comprising HORIZON EU funds.


Seamless Set-up Process

FinSESCo aims at re-using data, which was created during the assessment of the building in the Energy Performance Certification. Such data often stored as XML allows calculating savings applying deep renovation, and exchange of energy converters. Such decarbonization rate shall be advanced.


Crowd Based Financing

FinSESCo promotes a crowd based investing, using an novel cut-off (Knapsack) algorithm to determine best financing offers. After cost was defined using offers from companies and the investments round is started, investors may enter their sum and interest rate they wish to have. After the end of the bidding period, the best offers are used and contracts erected digitally.


Digital Fulfilment

FinSESCo features fully digital fulfilment, from digital contract erection to smart meter based surveillance and smart meter supported payments. Information from networked meters is used for continuous improvements and predictive maintenance.



Information from previous projects is offered to investors and project owners. This allows rating of project types and project owners and selecting the best energy contracting model for property owners.

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